Alison Gallegos

Alison Gallegos

Manager of Customer Marketing

Alison joined Percona in January 2013 as a Consulting Project Coordinator and, in June 2013, was promoted to the Technical Account Management team. In January 2014, Alison was given the exciting opportunity of ensuring the care of all Percona’s fabulous customers as a Customer Care Manager and, in October of 2015, became Percona's Manager of Customer Marketing. Please be sure to drop her a note to let her know how Percona can make your database dreams come true!

Prior to joining Percona, Alison could be found coordinating all kinds of awesome projects, programs and businesses in a variety of successful capacities.

Being a native of Michigan, Alison's passions live in the water and the snow. She loves to partake in quiet water sports like kayaking, swimming, SUP boarding, snorkeling and kite boarding. Don't forget downhill skiing, sledding and snow ball wars! She also enjoys traveling and immersing herself in new cultures. She resides in Haslett, Michigan with her extremely smart and sassy daughter.