Award-Winning Products, Unparalleled Support and Consulting Expertise and Acclaimed International Conferences are Hallmarks of an Industry Leader

RALEIGH, North Carolina – Aug. 23, 2016Percona, the company that delivers enterprise-class MySQL® and MongoDB® solutions and services, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Founded in July of 2006 with just two people and the goal of making MySQL faster and more reliable, Percona now employs over 150 staff members in 29 countries and has more than 3,000 customers. Percona is the only company delivering enterprise-class open source software, support, consulting and managed services for both MySQL and MongoDB across traditional and cloud-based platforms. The company’s enviable international reputation for a growing list of award-winning open source products, its unparalleled customer support and consulting expertise, the most widely-read database performance blog, and its highly popular international Percona Live Open Source Database Conferences are why companies continue to trust Percona with their mission-critical database infrastructures.

10 Years of Highlights

Company Founding and Growth

In 2006, Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko co-founded Percona. Together they have grown the company from a two-person shop offering independent consulting services for MySQL performance to one of the most respected open source products and services companies in the industry. Percona is served by more than 150 people in 29 countries, with more than 3,000 customers and a 35 percent CAGR over the past 3 years.

Over the years, the company has continued to expand its offerings, adding:

  • Open Source MySQL Software, including Percona Server for MySQL, a drop-in replacement for MySQL, along with Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona XtraBackup and Percona TokuDB, each delivering high performance and high availability for optimal cloud operations.
  • Open Source MySQL Database Tools, including Percona Toolkit, a collection of advanced open source command-line tools for a variety of MySQL and system tasks, and Percona Monitoring Plugins, components that add enterprise-class MySQL monitoring and graphing capabilities to existing on-premises monitoring solutions.
  • Open Source MongoDB Software, including Percona Server for MongoDB, a drop-in replacement for MongoDB, and Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB®, the first open source in-memory computing storage engine to work with a MongoDB variant.
  • Managed Services and RDBA for MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Enterprise-wide Customer Support for MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB, an industry-leading support option that eliminates the need for customers to count or audit servers and includes a tier with a guaranteed, money-back SLA.
  • Consulting Services for optimization, infrastructure and design, high availability, upgrades and migrations, and server and database automation.
  • MySQL Community Contributions by Percona staff, with innovative MySQL tools and books on MySQL-related topics of interest to community members.


In 2015, Percona acquired Tokutek, including the Tokutek distribution of MongoDB, TokuMX, becoming the first vendor to offer both MySQL and MongoDB software and solutions. The acquisition also included TokuDB, the open source, high-performance storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB, making Percona the exclusive global licensee of the Fractal Tree® indexing technology developed by MIT, Stony Brook, and Rutgers Universities. Fractal Tree indexing delivers a breakthrough in storage compression and read/write performance by replacing B-tree indexing – still used in virtually all database management systems – with Fractal Tree indexing to dramatically improve database performance, reduce database size, and increase operational efficiency without significant application or infrastructure changes.

Percona Live Conferences

In 2011, O’Reilly and Associates announced it would stop hosting its MySQL Conference & Expo, which had been an annual Silicon Valley event since 2003. Instead of letting the longstanding tradition fade away, Percona undertook the challenge – and the industry leadership role – of hosting the event, producing the first Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo in April of 2012. The conference was enthusiastically received by more than 1,000 attendees and was hailed by many as “the best MySQL event in years.”

The conference has continued to thrive. Percona began offering a second highly popular conference in Europe. In 2015, Steve Wozniak, “The Woz,” spoke at the U.S. conference, and in 2016, the event was expanded to the Percona Live Open Source Database Performance Conference with a keynote by Bill Nye “The Science Guy.”


Percona has established key strategic partnerships with a number of industry leaders, including:

  • SolarWinds to provide SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) for MySQL with Percona Server software and associated support and services in order to help customers optimize database and application performance and reduce hardware requirements.
  • Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) to facilitate customers taking advantage of Amazon Database Services for fully-managed, low-cost, and scalable relational, NoSQL, and Caching services in the cloud; Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for a fully-featured and easy to operate relational database; Amazon DynamoDB for a fully-managed NoSQL database service that provides fast, predictable performance with seamless scalability; and Amazon ElastiCache for a fully-managed in-memory caching service that is protocol-compatible with Memcached.
  • Google Cloud SQL to offer industry-leading MySQL database performance on Google’s cloud infrastructure. Running Percona Server and Percona XtraDB Cluster in the Google Cloud enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.
  • Management and monitoring providers, including Severalnines, VividCortex and Webyog, to offer automation, management and monitoring for open source databases and clusters.


Percona has consistently earned industry recognition for excellence and innovation, including:


Peter Zaitsev, Co-founder and CEO of Percona
“Our mission has always been to champion unbiased open source database solutions that help companies affordably build their businesses and achieve their goals, without sacrificing performance and quality. Through rapid growth and technology advances over the last 10 years, we've not only provided our customers with the responsiveness and expertise they need, but also justified their trust in depending on us to help optimize and scale their mission-critical infrastructures. I could not be more excited about the next 10 years!”

Mitch Parsons, Database Engineer at Wellcentive
“Percona is the backbone to a lot of Wellcentive's success. They are a core component of everything we are trying to do, and they are the absolute perfect fit to Wellcentive's vision for the future. We use the entire toolset from Percona and depend on their monitoring, troubleshooting, and their knowledge to help us achieve our goals. One of the most amazing things about Percona is the fact that working or speaking with them is not like speaking with a contractor, co-worker or stranger...the best way to describe the interaction is like speaking with family. Percona is a truly unique partner and one that we at Wellcentive cherish.”

Daniil Bazhenov, Chief Technical Officer at Simtech Development, Ltd.
“The product and the level of services of the Percona team really inspires. I wonder how they manage to sustain this level of professionalism for so many years. When it comes to development of global-scale services, this is what the partner should be like. We thank Percona for being the company we can always rely on.”

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With more than 3,000 customers worldwide, Percona is the only company that delivers enterprise-class solutions for both MySQL® and MongoDB® across traditional and cloud-based platforms. The company provides Software, Support, Consulting, and Managed Services to some of the largest and most well-known brands on the Internet such as Cisco Systems, Time Warner Cable, Alcatel-Lucent, Groupon, and the BBC, as well as to many smaller companies looking to maximize application performance while streamlining database efficiencies. Well established as thought leaders, Percona experts author content for the Percona Performance Blog. The popular Percona Live conferences draw attendees and acclaimed speakers from around the world. For more information, visit


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