Our experience with Percona has always been phenomenal. The consultants are highly experienced and easy to work with, and they have provided vital advice that has helped us ensure a better experience for our customers.

Kevin Daly CEO, mCentric

We are happy to announce that mCentric, a Spain-based software infrastructure provider delivering mobile data revenue enhancement, value-added services, and network solutions, promotions, and campaign automation, and more, has selected Percona Consulting to support an upgrade for its critical MySQL production databases. 

mCentric is currently using MySQL as the central data repository for an application hosted for an Africa-based telecom operator. mCentric has engaged Percona to upgrade the infrastructure to Percona Server for MySQL 5.7 – with near-zero downtime – and move the dataset to the new infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

mCentric has engaged Percona consultants since 2015 for multiple database reviews and to solve several MySQL performance challenges, leading to significant improvements to the company’s infrastructure. As a result, when it was time to upgrade to a new infrastructure, Percona was the obvious choice.

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When it came time to upgrade one of our most critical customer databases, Percona was the only logical choice.