Percona brings deep-level expertise of MariaDB and MySQL database technologies, and we appreciate their technology-agnostic approach. Not having an internal DBA on-staff, we can depend on Percona to verify and offer solutions for our database needs, for both now and in the future.

Mickaël Penhard CTO, LeakID

Percona is happy to announce that LeakID, a France-based security company focusing on piracy and copyright issues, has turned to Percona Consulting to ensure the performance and reliability of its MariaDB database infrastructure.

LeakID uses a MariaDB multi-master solution to provide persistent storage for its software suite and is partnering with Percona Consulting to review its chosen architecture and determine what horizontal scaling solution would work for them. CTO Mickaël Penhard is interested in optimizing the company’s infrastructure to ensure that the growth in data storage and queries do not hurt performance. Percona Consulting will be validating the use of the current MariaDB setup with Galera or suggesting the use of different database technology.

Thanks to its set of solutions, LeakID ensures the security of works on the Internet. It has developed innovative technologies and rigorous processes to protect content and remove and de-reference illegal copies, ensuring the highest level of market security.

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