How Companies Like IntelyCare are Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

Percona has observed the impact that COVID-19 has had on the world of technology, and how many companies’ have seen their technology workloads rise and fall as a result.

One of our customers feeling this workload impact is IntelyCare.

About IntelyCare

IntelyCare is a healthcare staffing company and workforce management solution for the post-acute healthcare industry. They custom-design solutions to intelligently match qualified nurses, and certified nursing assistant staff, with the appropriate healthcare facilities. IntelyCare provides software that helps healthcare facilities manage their Nursing staff.

We chose Percona because of their unparalleled expertise in open source databases. Their help in quickly building, setting up, and deploying a scalable and secure database for this training was critical to ensure we could handle the workload and demand for our new COVID-19 training.

Ike Nnah, CTO of IntelyCare.

IntelyCare began monitoring the international spread of COVID-19 early in the crisis. “Given the data available, we saw that it was inevitable the virus would reach the US and that the hardest-hit communities would be the ones we serve — nursing facilities and the nursing professionals we employ to work there“ said Ike Nnah, CTO of IntelyCare.

Taking Fast and Responsive Steps

IntelyCare started brainstorming on the changes they should make to their business to get ahead of the crisis. “A major initiative we took on was to build a COVID-19 training program on our platform to ensure our workforce was adequately prepared to maintain their own safety, and treat and prevent the spread of COVID-19” Ike Nnah said.

Given the speed with which the virus was spreading, time was short. IntelyCare set about rapid development and deployment of their training class. The total time from inception to implementation was just under nine days.

The free training went live in the second half of March and was made available to all healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. In the first two weeks, more than 25,000 nurses worldwide were able to take the training on how to deal with COVID-19, and receive certification. As at 20 April 2020, 350 thousand people had completed the training.

Percona’s Role

Percona was proud to help build, maintain, and tune IntelyCare’s database for this project.

Percona’s Director of Managed Services Nick Herring said: “We are known for our ability to build performant and scalable solutions for our customers. This has been uniquely valuable during this crisis, as many customers have seen a huge increase in traffic. We are ready and able to help our clients meet this new challenge. We were excited to partner with Intelycare and make an impact beyond just bits and bytes. Our work is making a real-world difference in these testing times, and we will continue to assist those customers needing additional support and assistance, to meet their goals.

Looking to the Future
COVID-19 is a worldwide crisis. Many companies and individuals have skills that will be called upon to help combat the virus. Percona is pleased that we can bring our unique expertise to the fight. In this climate, keeping essential database infrastructure running, optimized, and secure is even more critical than ever.