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Case Studies

Percona works with a broad range of MySQL®, MongoDB® and other open source database community members who use Percona services and/or open source software. Percona case studies discuss the business problems faced by these organizations, the criteria for the decisions that they made, the open source software and/or services they chose, and describe some of the benefits these organizations experienced. If you would like to share your experience working with Percona, we would honor the opportunity to tell your story. Please contact

LMAX Exchange is a technology platform for trading foreign exchange; it delivers the unique benefits of complete pre- and post-trade transparency, “exchange quality” FX execution, and a secure, lev

FinanceMySQL SupportPerformance AuditPercona XtraDB ClusterHigh AvailabilityInfrastructure and DesignQuery TuningPerformance Optimization

As an online marketplace, OpenSky’s revenue is directly tied to their uptime. The platform they provide links merchants and customers via the Internet.

MongoDBMySQLServicesUpgrades & MigrationsPerformance AuditPercona Server for MySQLHigh AvailabilityQuery Tuning

Grab needs their data to be available in real-time, all the time.

MySQLMySQL SupportPercona ConsultingPerformance AuditInfrastructure Review and Design ServicesScalabilityHigh AvailabilityQuery TuningPerformance Optimization

When their main DBA resource decided to move on (taking a lot of the MySQL tribal knowledge with them), needed a database expert that could keep their environment running smoothly.

Percona Care UltimatePerformance AuditRemote DBA for MySQLPercona XtraBackupPercona Server for MySQLDatabase BackupHigh AvailabilityInfrastructure and DesignPerformance Optimization

As a small company with limited resources, Comperio needed to find a partner to help with their database environment in order to allocate resources elsewhere.

MySQLMySQL SupportPercona ConsultingPerformance AuditPercona Server for MySQLHigh Availability

Smile’s database goal was achieving five “9’s” availability: in other words, no unplanned downtime. MySQL is critical to their architecture.

eCommerceMySQLPercona ConsultingPerformance AuditPercona Server for MySQL

Micpoint is a mobility partner for the business market, on track to grow their business 25-30% in the coming year.

Percona ConsultingPerformance AuditPercona XtraDB ClusterPercona Server for MySQL

Rent the Runway is a fashion company that helps customers find the right dresses and accessories amidst nearly 200,000 items on their site and app.

eCommerceMySQLPercona ConsultingPerformance AuditPercona Server for MySQLCloud Data

Transsmart is a company that specializes in helping its customers make business-to-customer and business-to-business transportation processes better and more cost-efficient.

IndustryeCommerceMySQLPercona ConsultingPerformance AuditPercona Server for MySQL

Wattpad engaged Percona Consulting to: · Optimize database workloads · Tune queries · Validate their Amazon RDS enviroment

Percona ConsultingPerformance Audit

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