Wellcentive, Inc. (Roswell, GA) offers healthcare intelligence solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Wellcentive’s technology solutions facilitate connection, communication, continual quality improvement, and robust analysis and reporting.

Percona Server, the enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL, is an important component of Wellcentive’s strategy for scaling its Big Data analytics capabilities. However, like many organizations its size, Wellcentive faced a dilemma. The company’s solutions depend on optimal database performance and wanting to remain lean and agile, the company could not justify a large team of fulltime DBA “rock stars” to manage its systems. When Kirk Elder, chief technology officer, discussed this with Percona, he learned of Percona Remote DBA (rDBA), which provides comprehensive database administrator expertise as a service. “The purchasing decision became easy,” said Elder. “Percona rDBA is a great economic model. We can remain a very lightweight company yet have access to all the expertise we need at a fraction of the cost.”