About two years ago, with gameplay ramping up in Germany, Scott Foster, cofounder and vice president of technology at Munzee, found that he needed to be online at 3:00 a.m. Texas time nearly every Sunday morning to fix issues with the company’s MySQL database. “I’m not a database expert, so we needed to find a permanent solution,” said Foster.

After evaluating several options, Munzee turned to Percona Remote DBA Service to monitor the database, fix issues as they arise, and make suggestions for improving performance and availability.

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Headquartered in Texas, Munzee offers the “ultimate 21st century scavenger hunt,” a free-to-play game using QR codes and smartphones. Users place munzees (derived from “Münze,” the German word for “coin”) in physical locations around the world for other users to find. Users score points by finding and scanning existing munzees and by placing new ones. Munzee is currently played in 189 countries by over 190,000 players, and at least one physical munzee is deployed on every continent, including Antarctica.