3E is an independent global consultancy and software company focused on increasing performance and optimizing energy consumption at renewable energy power plants. Four years ago, the company launched a new business unit to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based solar PV monitoring solution for solar power installations. The service, SynaptiQ, collects huge amounts of customer data related to power plant performance, analyzes this data, and presents the results in the form of configurable charts and graphs that help customers optimize performance, detect problems sooner, and report back to stakeholders.

From the beginning, 3E relied on MySQL to store customer data and initially created a separate MySQL instance for the aggregation services of every 3 to 5 customers. While the SynaptiQ service was highly successful, the database architecture was not sufficiently scalable to support growing demand. 

To ensure long-term scalability, Grégory Schiano, technical manager at 3E, opted to migrate to a single, integrated database cluster for all clients. Following several weeks of testing clustering solutions, Schiano opted for Percona XtraDB Cluster.