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DXC is working with the Dubai government to provide a database environment, using Hortonworks Hadoop Platform coupled with Ambari for management.

DXC engaged Percona to:

  • Provide a high availability database solution
  • Help guarantee uptime with Percona Support
  • Use Percona’s expertise to troubleshoot and resolve issues with the Hadoop environment
-- Sandip Bhowmik, Bigdata Platform Specialist at DXC:

“As an IT services company, it’s crucial to provide a database environment that is always available to our customers. This means guaranteeing high availability and uptime, even as data needs scale. We depend on Percona’s XtraDB Cluster software for our customer’s Hadoop Platform meta data store and processing, as well as their support services to make sure that if issues come up we know that our architecture is covered by some of the best experts in the data business.”