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Percona Open Source Advance
Percona Open Source Advance assesses your proprietary database architecture and helps you migrate to the best open source software alternative.
by Peter Zaitsev
Webinar: Best Practices for Migrating to Open Source Databases
Wednesday, August 28, 2019 11:00am Pacific Time
Percona Cloud Cover offers a tailored migration solution to take you from on-premises to DBaaS in the cloud.
Percona Cloud Cover
How can a cloud database help your business?
Find out by reading Percona's ebook:
Enterprise Guide to Cloud Databases
Free and open-source replacement for MongoDB® Community Edition, with Enterprise features. Includes ACID transactions and native WiredTiger encryption.
Percona Server for MongoDB®

Unbiased Open Source Database Experts

Percona is a leading provider of unbiased open source database solutions that allow organizations to easily, securely and affordably maintain business agility, minimize risks, and stay competitive.


Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

Don’t be trapped into contracts without options! Percona provides unbiased, best-of-breed expertise so you can maximize your multi-vendor open source database environment!


Embrace the Cloud

Get agile, get in the cloud! Let Percona experts help you reduce your monthly bills, prevent outages and improve MTTR by over 300%!


Optimize Business Performance

Is your database environment optimized for your applications? We provide best practices for productivity and innovation learned from 3000+ satisfied customers!


Reduce Costs and Complexity

Struggling to maximize the value of open source databases? We’ll help you lower your operational and infrastructure costs and increase your ROI!

An unbiased, trusted partner, Percona provides single-source expertise in multi-vendor environments that eliminates lock-in, increases agility and enables business growth.

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Learn how Madwire uses Percona to optimize their AWS cloud database architecture for better application performance.
See how SBTech uses Percona to guarantee performance and availability as their MongoDB database environment scales to meets customer growth.
Learn how LMAX Exchange uses Percona Support to ensure reliably and performant uptime for their financial services customers.
See how uses Percona managed services to oversee their database in order to make sure customers can instantly access retail deals.

Percona reduces risk and operational costs by providing best-of-breed enterprise-class solutions for open source databases in on-premises and cloud environments.

Percona Open Source Database Experts Blog

22 Aug

Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.27-30 Is Now Available

by Patrick Birch

Percona announces the release of Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.27-30 on August 22, 2019 (downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories). This release merges changes...

21 Aug

Cleaning Docker Disk Space Usage

by Peter Zaitsev

While testing our PMM2 Beta and other Dockerized applications, you may want to clean up your docker install and start from scratch. If you’re not very familiar with Docker it may not be that...

21 Aug

ProxySQL 2.0.6 and proxysql-admin tool Now Available

by Borys Belinsky

ProxySQL 2.0.6, released by MariaDB). It acts as an intermediary for client requests seeking resources from the database. René Cannaò created ProxySQL for DBAs as a means of solving complex...

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