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Percona MySQL Training

Increase your technical knowledge of MySQL® with Percona MySQL Training delivered live either onsite or over the Internet to your team. Our instructors are leading technical experts with in-depth knowledge of MySQL as well as the full technology stack. Our intensive workshops are designed to impart knowledge based on Percona’s hands-on experience supporting, deploying, operating, and optimizing MySQL. You'll learn how to take your MySQL Server deployment to the next level of performance.

“Our team is experienced, but we still had a mind-blowing day learning the internals of InnoDB.”

Percona MySQL Training Benefits

Your training experience will be highly productive. Over 98% of our attendees would recommend our training to a friend or colleague. Our training workshops ensure you learn how to get the most from your MySQL server. You will:

  • Be more productive and independent
  • Become a more valuable resource to your company
  • Continue to learn rapidly following the training
  • Future-proof your architecture by making good long-term decisions

We teach you how to think about MySQL, not what to think, because our MySQL training workshops use methods which are greatly advanced versus the information dump given in more traditional classes. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises, we reveal how MySQL works, explain which aspects of its behavior matter and why, and teach a repeatable scientific method for making decisions about topics as diverse as application architecture and server tuning. Learn more about the benefits of attending Percona MySQL Training, or contact us for more information.

Percona MySQL Training Format

Percona provides Custom Training which dedicates Percona MySQL experts to deliver onsite or live virtual custom MySQL classes to precisely address the needs of your organization. Contact us about your organization's training needs.

Example MySQL Training Topic Areas