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Percona Remote DBA for MySQL

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Remote DBA Service

The Percona Remote DBA service provides your organization with DBA experts who will login to your MySQL® servers remotely, whether you are hosting your own servers or running your MySQL deployment in the cloud. Our DBAs manage the performance and availability of your MySQL servers. Operational best practices are applied to ensure your systems are running reliably and smoothly. The Percona Remote DBA service includes assistance with common backup issues. Our MySQL database manager will configure your MySQL backup database and conduct MySQL backup and restore operations as required.

Percona Remote DBA has a fixed monthly cost based on the size of your deployment and includes resolution of an unlimited number of issues. We support most versions of MySQL including MySQL by Oracle®, Percona Server, and MariaDB®. We also support Percona XtraDB Cluster and other High Availability architectures and tools. We utilize a variety of software solutions to deliver optimal operations including Percona XtraBackup and Percona Monitoring Plugins.

The Gold and Platinum Percona Remote DBA services include:

  • 24x7 monitoring of your MySQL servers and resolution of any issues that arise
  • Setup of backups and MySQL monitoring to verify successful completion
  • Proactive tuning and maintenance of your MySQL servers to avoid performance issues
  • Configuration of replication and verification of its consistency, if replication is required
  • Data recovery in case of a data loss

The Gold level Remote DBA service is suitable for organizations which have a stable MySQL environment which needs ongoing administration. Our team will optimize your MySQL environment, set up monitoring and alerts, configure your backups, and conduct routine administration tasks to keep your system running optimally.

The Platinum level Remote DBA service is optimal for organizations which are evolving and growing rapidly. Platinum level service includes all the features above plus advanced proactive maintenance, which includes additional tuning on your most critical servers. Unlimited operational tasks are also included such as online database schema changes, minor version MySQL upgrades, restaging servers, and on demand query tuning. The Platinum level includes a 15 minute SLA versus 30 minutes for the Gold level.

Percona Remote DBA services are available to organizations worldwide. Your MySQL servers may be installed in your data center, at a hosting provider, or on a cloud-based MySQL service. We administer MySQL environments on many clouds including AWS RDS, Amazon EC2, and Rackspace Cloud as well as many smaller cloud providers. The Percona Remote DBA service is a powerful outsourcing option for MySQL administration and MySQL monitoring.

The Percona Remote DBA service is delivered by a worldwide team that is on duty 24x7. Percona DBA's who work on your systems can be contacted during normal North American or European business hours for assistance with your questions or issues. All Severity 1 incidents are handled 24x7.

Service Feature Gold Platinum
Monitoring Alert Response and Resolution - we monitor your servers 24x7 and respond to and correct any issues that occur Yes Yes
Database Backups - we set up and monitor using a best-in-class database backup suite that allows for seamless and efficient backups while preventing disruptions to your production environment Yes Yes
Backups Restoration - databases are restored from your backups as needed using tools and techniques that enable point in time recovery across the entire server or a specific schema or table Yes Yes
Data Recovery – in the event of any data loss, we work with you to correct the problem Yes Yes
Proactive Tuning and Maintenance - we ensure your systems comply with our evolving best practices. We also ensure your queries are properly tuned and notify you when additional changes may be necessary Yes Yes
MySQL and Systems Verification - we check the OS, file system, and MySQL options to ensure they are configured optimally Yes Yes
Replication - we setup and monitor replication on your servers and use our checksum tools to ensure that servers are kept in sync Yes Yes
Customer Portal - A secure website which provides you with a comprehensive view of your database server status and allows you to subscribe to specific alerts, check server and backups statuses, drill into issues, or review uptime percentages and downtime causes Yes Yes
Advanced Proactive Maintenance – we conduct additional maintenance work which includes additional tuning on your most critical servers   Yes
Unlimited Operational Tasks – includes tasks such as online database schema changes, minor version MySQL upgrades, restaging servers, and on demand query tuning   Yes
High Availability Monitors - includes monitoring of high availability (HA) technologies such as Percona XtraDB Cluster, MySQL with MHA, and MySQL with DRBD
SLA - 24x7 response time for Severity 1 issues including issues identified by the monitoring systems we install or by calls to Percona on-call personnel for issues such as accidental data loss 30 minutes 15 minutes


To learn more about Percona Remote DBA services and how we can help make your MySQL deployment a success, call us now or follow the button below and we will contact you promptly.