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5 Reasons to Attend Percona MySQL Training

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World Class MySQL Instructors

Our classes are taught by a Percona MySQL expert. We are well known in the MySQL community with instructors regularly speaking at MySQL conferences and writing posts on the Percona MySQL Performance BlogOur instructors still work as MySQL consultants when they are not delivering training. We encourage attendees to ask questions. We take pride in being able to answer your questions!

Short Courses That Are Straight To The Point

Time is valuable! We understand this. We do not build courses of an arbitrary duration. We don't pad topics with ancillary subjects in order to run a five day course. Our MySQL courses are only as long as they need to be to address the needs of you and your team. We encourage attendees to look at what is covered each day and let us know if they want to skip some of the topics with which they are already familiar.

Excellent Teacher to Student Ratio

Quality teaching is a balance of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. To ensure that all attendees have an opportunity to work hands-on, we maintain small class sizes. This approach ensures the instructor is able to spend time with everyone in class.

Vendor Neutral

Percona MySQL instructors are technology neutral and free to highlight any weaker features or use cases of MySQL. Attendees appreciate the direct responses of our instructors to their questions.

High Quality Instructors

We do not sacrifice the learning experience with cost cutting measures. We pride ourselves in using consultants that continue to provide MySQL consulting to clients when not teaching. This means that Percona instructors continue to refine their skills and deepen their knowledge of MySQL. By maintaining a client portfolio, our consultants can discuss real world situations with attendees and it is through these stories that the lessons come to life and take hold for our MySQL training attendees.

Does our approach work? Yes. 98% of attendees have said they would recommend our courses to friends and colleagues.

Contact us about your organization's training needs.