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Praise for MySQL Training from Percona

Percona's training courses are highly rated by our students. Over 98% of attendees say they would recommend a Percona course to their friends and colleagues! The following are real quotes from our post-course survey:

  • Go Daddy is passionate about helping our customers. Percona Innodb training gives us another tool to elevate our customer support to the next level. It gives us the kind of insight that only comes from understanding MySQL at a code level. This helps Go Daddy understand MySQL internals, so we can increase performance and reduce troubleshooting time. The instructors are top-notch and leverage their years of field work, providing curriculum that is both relevant and immediately practical. I highly recommend Percona training for all aspects of MySQL consumption: from developers to operational administrators. -- John Cesario (MySQL Engineer)
  • Attending Percona MySQL training gave me the skills I need to better serve Go Daddy customers. The course covered all aspects of MySQL, including development and administration as well as digging into the internals. The instructors answered all the questions and were able to discuss real-world problems and not just classroom scenarios. Taking this class helped me immensely in my job. It has developed the skills needed to efficiently and effectively help Go Daddy customers. This class is great for any serious MySQL DBA. -- Mark Stoecker (MySQL Senior DBA)
  • The instructor's technical knowledge is magnificent, anyone that needs help in mysql should go to his classes.
  • Excellent instructor. One of the best if not THE best I had!
  • I thought that the instructors were very knowledgable, and even though I have a background in query tuning I learned some MySQL specific things (and even an Oracle one!) that were essentially worth the price of the course.
  • I've spent the last ten years with a functional level of database knowledge, getting by OK. Then I meet Justin who has fantastic depth of understanding and fluency in all things database. I thought he was inspiring. I've gone on to set up a environment for study and work on my own time and I'm still buzzing from all the tricks he brought us last week. Excellent!
  • It went very well and was orderly. I like the fact that we were able to ask in-depth questions after the course. The instructor was very knowledgeable.
  • The content was very intense for my level of MySQL background, but many of the topics it touched on my to-do list (such as XtraDB). We don't have a lot of tables, but we moved to all InnoDB a while ago in our design. Very relevant to our work. Again, the instructor is great.
  • The instructor kicks ass. Never met anyone else that had such intimate, practical knowledge of a product.
  • The course format was excellent - I don't know how many days I would be able to get away from work to do something like this, so packing it all into one intense day was a good move.
  • Very well designed course. Lots of material presented in short time.
  • The instructor was top notch. In addition, it was useful to have Peter in the room for part of the class. [Note: an extra consultant often joins courses to observe and contribute]
  • It was very useful as I did not have to take too much time out of work.
  • I loved it - was just the right pace. GREAT seminar!
  • Questions were answered well, and none were deflected so it's obvious the instructor knows what he's talking about.

To propose your city as a venue for a public Percona MySQL training class, please contact us here.