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Scaling and Optimization for MySQL

This topic area is often delivered as an intensive two-day workshop for MySQL application developers and database administrators seeking to build scalable, high performance systems.

  • Do you need to optimize use of MySQL in your architecture for Web 2.0 deployments and applications?
  • Are you worried that your application's use of MySQL might not scale well?
  • Do you foresee increasing demands on MySQL, and you don't know what strategies will prepare you for growth?

Attendees will learn how to

  • Apply architecture scaling strategies that make the most sense, including caching, message queuing, database sharding, and replication.
  • Optimize MySQL schema and indexes to support efficient queries.
  • Instrument applications to measure performance.
  • Use successful patterns behind MySQL applications, and avoid design decisions that don't fit MySQL very well.
  • Solve some common application performance problems like paginating results and full-text search.
  • Understand when to leverage MySQL features such as stored procedures, triggers and events.

Who should attend

Application Developers, Database Administrators


This is an advanced course. We recommend an understanding of SQL, and basic database concepts. Code examples contained in the course will apply to any scripting language, but to be able to apply context we recommend you understand at least one web-scripting language.


This workshop is typically delivered as an intensive two day course. Slides will be provided for students wishing to apply additional study after the course is complete.

Applies to MySQL Versions 

MySQL and Percona Server 5.1 to 5.6.