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Operating and Troubleshooting for MySQL

This course is typically delivered as an intensive two-day workshop for MySQL database administrators and systems administrators that covers the tasks a DBA is responsible for, including MySQL backups, using tools for diagnostics and automation, replication, security and monitoring, InnoDB and XtraDB storage engine internals, and hardware choices.

  • Are you running into MySQL performance problems and need to know how to tune it?
  • Do you want to learn about the latest best-of-breed tools for MySQL and Percona Server?
  • Do you want to understand how InnoDB works under the hood, to get the best performance out of MySQL?
  • Have you been using MySQL, and want to understand the advantages of Percona Server with XtraDB?

Attendees of this workshop will be able to

  • Understand MySQL versions and forks—including which versions and editions you should run
  • Understand how various system components could be a bottleneck for MySQL: CPU, disks, memory, network; and how to use diagnostic tools in Linux
  • Investigate database trends via the counters exposed in MySQL's SHOW GLOBAL STATUS
  • Backup & restore MySQL and InnoDB data and describe the advantages of common backup methods (mysqldump, file system snapshot, InnoDB hot backup)
  • Setup and administer MySQL replication
  • Monitor MySQL servers in production
  • Discuss security issues with MySQL
  • Solve via case-study some real-life problems that Percona consultants faced in MySQL
  • Understand the basic operation of InnoDB—including how data is stored on disk and in memory
  • Understand what InnoDB does internally when data is written and how features like the transaction log files and undo space work
  • See how key features of InnoDB work, including clustered indexes, insert buffer, adaptive hash and double write buffer
  • Learn to read diagnostic information from InnoDB and make informed decisions while changing configuration
  • Discover how Percona Server with XtraDB can provide better diagnostics and performance

Who should attend

Database Administrators and System Administrators who are responsible for MySQL servers.


We recommend prior experience with MySQL. The instructor assumes that every student is familiar with application instrumentation and how to optimize queries in MySQL. If you are not familiar with these two topics, we recommend that you attend our Scaling and Optimization for MySQL workshop first.


This course is typically delivered as an intensive two day workshop. Slides will be provided for students wishing to apply additional study after the course is complete.

Applies to MySQL Versions

MySQL and Percona Server 5.1 to 5.6.