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Moving to MySQL 5.6

This material is typically delivered as an intensive two-day workshop for MySQL® database and systems administrators as well as developers. It provides a detailed overview of what is new in MySQL 5.6, how to take advantage of new functionality, and practical methods for migrating to MySQL 5.6. This workshop is offered on a custom basis.

Topics Covered

Introduction to and use of new MySQL features, including:

  • InnoDB improvements
  • InnoDB Full Text Search
  • Scalability 
  • Memcached API
  • Diagnostics
  • Application verification
  • Migration planning

Workshop Attendees Will

  • Understand InnoDB Full Text Search
  • Leverage new configuration variables
  • Plan migration from previous MySQL versions to MySQL 5.6
  • Take advantage of the InnoDB improvements in MySQL 5.6
  • Use memcached API
  • Use the new MySQL 5.6 Diagnostics

Who Should Attend

Database Administrators, System Administrators, and Developers who wish to learn about MySQL 5.6, or are considering migration from previous MySQL versions.


This is not an introductory MySQL workshop. Prior experience with MySQL is required.


This material is typically delivered as a two-day intensive, hands-on workshop. Slides will be provided for students wishing to apply additional study after the course is complete.

MySQL Versions Covered

MySQL 5.6 and Percona Server 5.6.