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Supported Linux Platforms and Versions

Linux Support Platforms Covered for Technical Support Questions

Percona MySQL Support questions are not restricted by operating system.

Linux Platforms Covered for Bug Fixes

MySQL bug fixes are limited to the operating systems and hardware platforms indicated in the chart below for Silver and Gold Percona MySQL Support customers. Platinum Percona MySQL Support includes the option for additional operating systems support (if you require this option, please Contact Us to discuss).

If you need support for older or newer versions, please Contact Us to discuss.


 Platform EOLPS 5.1PS 5.5PS 5.6PXB 2.1PXB 2.2PXC 5.5PXC 5.6
Product EOL    Q2 2015Q2 2016  
RHEL 6 Current Stable[1] [3]January 1, 2020YESYESYESCSYESYESYES
Ubuntu 10.04LTS [2]April 1, 2015YESYESYESCSYESYESYES
Ubuntu current stable1 year from releaseYESYESYESCSYESYESYES
Debian 6.0 (Squeeze)[2]February 2016YESYESYESCSYESYESYES


[1]"Current Stable": We support only the current stable RHEL6/Centos6 release, because there is no official (i.e. RedHat provided) method to support or download the latest OpenSSL on RHEL/CentOS versions prior to 6.5. Similarly, and also as a result thereof, there is no official Percona way to support the latest Percona Server builds on RHEL/CentOS versions prior to 6.5. Additionally, many users will need to upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1g or later (due to the Heartbleed vulnerability), and this OpenSSL version is not available for download from any official RHEL/Centos repository for versions 6.4 and prior. For any officially unsupported system, src.rpm packages may be used to rebuild Percona Server for any environment. Please contact our support service if you require further information on this.

[2]TokuDB: there is no TokuDB package available for this release (only Percona Server), as compiling TokuDB requires the latest cmake and gcc, and there is no way to install gcc on squeeze/lucid without either upgrading the system or producing a build that has odd package interlinks.

[3]RHEL: includes RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Linux
All hardware platforms are i686 and x86_64 only
CS - Customized Support, by customer request. Support customers can ask to build specific product / specific platform for free.
Consulting customer: each build is 5 hours.
Additional platforms and OS are available for Support customers with deals larger then $100K