MySQL Administration for Oracle DBAs

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This course provides the experienced Oracle® DBA with the knowledge and tools to manage MySQL® databases. This workshop is offered on a custom basis.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this courses are:

  • Identify common database features between Oracle and MySQL
  • Describe MySQL at a high level
  • The SQL layer versus the storage layer
  • Describe the MySQL security model compared with the Oracle model
  • Explain key differences in schema, storage and index management
  • Describe major differences in stored routines
  • Describe major differences in triggers
  • Describe major differences in views
  • Describe MySQL partitioning
  • Identify major differences between the Oracle and MySQL SQL dialects
  • Introduction to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA
  • Describe the major SHOW commands
  • Describe the major features of the InnoDB storage engine
  • Describe the types of MySQL log files
  • Use the slow query log to identify slow queries
  • Explain how to tune slow queries using the EXPLAIN command
  • Describe key configuration parameters, their meanings, and impact on performance.
  • Explain MySQL replication
  • Briefly describe the major high availability options for MySQL, contrast with Oracle solutions.
  • Identify some major features of Oracle that are not implemented by MySQL and describe workarounds or alternatives.
  • Overview of backup methods (Xtrabackup, MySQLdump, LVM backup)
  • Overview of monitoring methods (RRD[cacti], etc)

This course is not a hands-on course, but rather designed to rapidly map an Oracle DBA's knowledge to MySQL terminology, techniques, and tools.

Who should attend:

This course has been designed to show the experienced Oracle DBA how their Oracle knowledge is mapped to MYSQL. This course maps the Oracle domain expertise to MySQL.


This is an advanced course, and we recommend no less than an intermediate knowledge of Oracle database.

Attendees will need to be able to access the virtual lecture via their computer's browser, and use a SSH session to access the remote labs.

Applies to MySQL Versions:

MySQL and Percona Server 5.1 and newer

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