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Percona's developers are expert in creating MySQL extensions and plugins, such as UDFs. The MySQL server has a rich plugin mechanism that permits native-speed C and C++ plugins to be loaded without modifying the server itself. We can create high-quality, lightning-fast extensions that make your application's work more efficient and more convenient for developers. Examples include:

  • Create a new MySQL user-defined function (UDF), such as a custom string-replacement function.
  • Create a new INFORMATION_SCHEMA table.
  • Create a MySQL daemon plugin that runs a special-purpose thread inside the server.
  • Create a plugin that changes the full-text search parser, or pre-processes content before the full-text search parser indexes it.
  • Create, modify, or extend a pluggable storage engine that uses the MySQL storage engine API. (We wrote the initial version of the SphinxSE pluggable storage engine for Sphinx, for example.)

Why create a UDF or plugin instead of coding it as a stored procedure or in the application? In a word, speed! A MySQL UDF or plugin that is written in C can be much faster and more memory-efficient than stored routines, triggers, or stored procedures, and orders of magnitude more efficient than retrieving the data from MySQL and processing it in the application. It is often a good idea to prototype in a stored routine or stored procedure to define the requirements, and then replace it with a custom user-defined function written in C. Here is one success story of replacing a stored function with a custom UDF from Percona.

Costs will vary for each engagement, depending on its scope and complexity. To request a price quote, please contact us.

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