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Per Hour Contracts

All work done by Percona is billed by the hour, similar to how lawyers are traditionally paid. However Percona offers three varieties of this per-hour model. See specific pricing here.

Option #1 - Pay-As-You-Go Hours

These contracts let you buy expert time on-demand. You pay only for work actually performed, but have no obligation to purchase any. No payment is due upon contract signing. There is no monthly minimum usage requirement, no fixed fees, no hidden costs. However this contract is the gateway enabling you to use Percona consultants if you ever need help on any MySQL® topic or related component.

Pay-As-You-Go is used by most new Percona customers. Percona bills you in 15 minute increments. Basic but crucial questions can be answered within 15 minutes, meaning you receive expert help for under $100 total cost! The only fine print is that special rules apply for emergencies requiring immediate action, for data recovery work, and for MySQL Cluster work.

Option #2 - Prepaid Block of Hours

These contracts provide a pre-paid block of hours that can be redeemed for any service anytime during the year, but for a discounted hourly price. The surcharge for emergencies is also waived.

We designed this offer because support needs can be unpredictable. You might need nothing from Percona for months, and then suffer a serious incident that requires many hours to resolve. A pre-paid block of hours lets you buy time predictably and use it unpredictably for any support or consulting task that may arise.

How many hours should you buy? This can be hard to estimate, so we try to protect both your upside and downside. If you need extra work by Percona, you can restock your bank of hours at the same rate. If you have less work than expected for Percona, we will roll forward up to half of your unused hours onto a renewal contract.

Option #3 - Monthly Retainer Hours

These contracts make Percona a virtual extension of your in-house DBA or Operations team on a regular basis. You choose how many hours you want from our consultants each month (20 hour minimum). Big customers who spend time relatively evenly use us this way.

These contracts provide you a guaranteed dedicated resource, even if we're busy -- your work never gets queued up behind other customers, plus the surcharge for emergencies is always waived. Unused hours expire each month. However you can increase or decrease your number of retainer hours with one month's advance notice. If you need extra hours they will be charged at the same discounted rate.

An example of when you might choose this option would be when you need a DBA for routine tasks that are regularly scheduled, but you don't need a fulltime DBA. Percona can be much less expensive than adding a fulltime staff member.