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Percona MySQL Consulting is on a per-hour basis. Percona MySQL Consulting services are available remotely on either a pay-as-you-go basis or with our money saving, prepaid option. Onsite Percona MySQL Consulting is also available. For more details on rates:

Pay-as-You-Go Percona MySQL Consulting Prices

Standard Rate

Percona's Standard MySQL consulting rate is US$300 per hour. The minimum billing time is 15 minutes, or US$75.

This rate applies to most MySQL consulting tasks that are done remotely over the Internet when scheduled at least three business days in advance. Percona's consultants will advise you beforehand whenever rates other than the standard rate would apply to any request.

Premium Rate - No Minimum

Percona's premium MySQL consulting rate is US$450 per hour. The following tasks/requests have a minimum billing of 15 minutes, or US$112:

  • MySQL Cluster engine tasks
  • You require a specifically named Percona consultant
  • The work is done personally by any of these senior experts:
    • Peter Zaitsev, CEO
    • Vadim Tkachenko, CTO

Premium Rate - Two Hour Minimum

The tasks below have a two hour minimum billing per incident, or US$900 ($450 per hour × 2):

  • Emergency MySQL consulting tasks
  • Data recovery tasks, whether done on an emergency basis or not
  • Disruptive scheduling is needed to fulfill your requests which include:
    • Very short notice
    • Night, weekend, or holiday working times at the consultant's location
    • Overbooking, rescheduling, or other complicating factors

On-Call Rate

Percona's on-call MySQL consulting rate is US$50 per hour. This rate applies when your consultant is required to remain accessible on short notice, at the customer's request, during normal working hours.

On-call times during your consultant's weekends, late nights, major holidays, etc. may be charged at the Standard or Premium rates, depending on circumstances. We will discuss such situations with you in advance.

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Prepaid Percona MySQL Consulting Prices

The following discounted prices apply only to purchases of annual Prepaid Blocks of MySQL Consulting Hours.

Pre-Purchase Block of 36 Hours

$9,900 or $275 per consulting hour

Pre-Purchase Block of 72 Hours

$19,080 or $265 per consulting hour

Pre-Purchase Block of 144 Hours

$36,720 or $255 per consulting hour

Additional Consulting Hours

Additional hours are sold in 12 hour blocks at the same rate as the original purchase

Payment Terms

These discounts require pre-payment in full by check or wire transfer (no credit cards) in US dollars.

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Percona MySQL Consulting On-Site Prices

Travel On-Site

When a Percona consultant travels to your organization:

Duration Price Location
2-Days $5,000 Maximum 2-hour flight for consultant
3-Days $8,500 USA, Canada, & EU
4-Days $10,500
5-Days $12,500

Travel costs are not included and will be billed separately

Travel On-Site, All Inclusive

Duration Price Location
2-Days $7,500 Maximum 2-hour flight for consultant
3-Days $11,000 USA, Canada, & EU
4-Days $13,000
5-Days $15,000

All travel costs are included if the work is booked within the US, Canada or EU, with a 14 day advance purchase.

Any engagement canceled or rescheduled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled start date will be billed $2,500 and/or hotel and airline rebooking fees.

Virtual On-Sites

When a Percona MySQL consultant works remotely but is dedicated exclusively to your organization for a whole day:

Duration Price
1-Day $2,320
2-Days $4,560
3-Days $6,840
4-Days $8,800
5-Days $11,000

Additional Information

  • Travel prices include all transportation, meals, and lodging for one consultant
  • Travel prices require 14 day advance purchase
  • All days are 8 hours working time, use it or lose it
  • Virtual on sites require all days to be used consecutively within the same work week
  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required at the time of purchase
  • Payment of 50% is due before work starts and 50% is due upon completion
  • No refunds if the work takes less time than expected
  • Other locations or expense arrangements are available by negotiation
  • Any engagement cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time will be billed at the full engagement rate for the first day of the engagement

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