Introduction to MongoDB for MySQL Users

1 April 1:30PM - 4:30PM @ Ballroom E

Experience level: 
6 hours tutorial
Many organizations use NoSQL solutions along with a relational database system, and the combination of MongoDB with MySQL is popular. This tutorial will show you everything you need to take advantage of MongoDB. You will learn: - How to install the server for development and production - How to feel comfortable with the command line client - How to use the aggregation framework to build complex queries - How to use indexes for better performance - How to build a scalable and fault-tolerant cluster with replication and sharding - How to perform backups We will build a small web application on a virtual machine during the session to demonstrate all the above features.


MySQL Consultant, Percona
Stephane is working as a MySQL consultant for Percona. Before this role he was a MySQL DBA for leading French companies such as Dailymotion and France Telecom. He has been using the LAMP platform for more than 10 years and he is a regular speaker at conferences on MySQL and free software.