What can we learn from NoSQL technologies?

Database Administration
24 April 4:30pm - 5:20pm @ Ballroom D

The MySQL ecosystem is more vibrant than ever. There are new tools and storage engines, improvements in performance and scalability, new features that have been required for long time.
In parallel to the MySQL world, a large number of NoSQL technologies approach and solve problems in a very different way.

In this session we will analyse the most relevant architectures that characterise NoSQL solutions - MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase - and we will bring some of the concepts into the MySQL world.

Topics are:
NoSQL technologies feature comparison with MySQL
Practical examples on how problems are solved with NoSQL and MySQL
Practical examples of MySQL solutions with NoSQL in mind
What we should add to MySQL to adopt some of the NoSQL solutions

The session covers development, database administration as well as architectural aspects.


Ivan Zoratti
Ivan is CTO at SkySQL Ab, where he also leads the engineering team and he is responsible for the vision and evolution of new database solutions and services. Prior to that, Ivan worked at MySQL AB / Sun / Oracle for 6 years. An IT veteran close to 30 years of experience, he has been founder and CTO of various companies, journalist and author of technical books and publications.