LT: Xtrabackup and FTWRL

24 April 5:30pm - 8:30pm @ Community Networking Welcome Reception

Lightning Talk: This talk will ponder over implications of using Xtrabackup with FTWRL (Flush Tables With Read Lock). More importantly, it will discuss using --no-lock with it which obviates FTWRL. Not using the locking has its own caveats - no DDL and InnoDB only. The mechanism of backup without locking will also be discussed (in obtaining binlog co-ordinates through crash recovery). Possible solutions to the aforementioned caveats will also be considered.


Raghavendra Prabhu
Software Engineer, Percona
Raghavendra Prabhu is the Product Lead of Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) at Percona. He joined Percona nearly 2 years ago. Before joining, he worked at Yahoo! SDC at Bangalore for 3 years as Systems Engineer, primarily dealing with databases (MySQL). Raghavendra's main interests include databases and operating systems, specifically linux kernel. He also likes to contribute and has contributed code upstream to several FOSS projects — for more details on that visit In his spare time, he likes hacking code, reading books on his kindle DX, playing games over PC and rest of the time spending time over IRC.