LT: Remote DBA Shenanigans - Successful Freedom

24 April 5:30pm - 8:30pm @ Community Networking Welcome Reception

Lightning Talk: Everyone talks about the joys of working remotely, but it can lead to some interesting problems and situations. Working remotely is not for everyone, and in this talk we'll give our guidelines for how to be successful at working remotely, as well as some amusing anecdotes about taking things too far. 1. Setting up a remote office. 2. Travel and ensuring you have what you need. 3. When to turn off the laptop. 4. Best and worst dressed. 5. Can you hear me now?


Laine Campbell
CEO, Co-Founder, Blackbird (Formerly PalominoDB)
Laine Campbell has been working in production database infrastructures since 1999. She has led global teams of DBAs supporting infrastructures for some of the most active and well known e-commerce, online media and gaming companies in the last 14 years. Certified in ITIL, with a strong operations background, she believes in the importance of solid operations processes and a committed relationship with business and engineering teams in order to succeed. Laine started Palomino in 2007 and has spent the past 5 years focused on building a professional, proactive and passionate team of DBAs and Engineers for Palomino's clientele. In January of 2014, she merged with DriveDev, DevOps, to create Blackbird. Committed to open source technologies, as well as contributions to the non-profit sector, Laine is excited to be a continued part of Blackbird's growth and the open-source RDBMS community.