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SST failed to match "Data Directory"

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  • SST failed to match "Data Directory"

    Hi Everyone,

    Assuming I create a table such as below on Server A on stand alone mode:

    CREATE TABLE external (x int unsigned not null primary key) DATA DIRECTORY = '/mnt/external1/data';

    The new server that joins the cluster (Server A) does not apply the location of table into "/mnt/external1/data"

    The table "x" must be save be saved in "/mnt/external1/data" but instead it is saving in default "datadir" path ("/var/lib/mysql") .

    How to overcome this?

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    did u try this..?
    Change the default datadir path in the joining node's my.cnf file!
    datadir = path to datadir


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      My datadir on all servers are the same,
      I only want to relocate small tables that are frequently accessed to SSD hard drive or RAMFS location for fast read/write...


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        I've found below logs which could be related

        2014-02-28 15:40:43 18680 [ERROR] InnoDB: A tablespace for database_sample/external has been found in multiple places;
        2014-02-28 15:40:43 18680 [ERROR] InnoDB: Default location; ./database_sample/external.ibd, LSN=0, Space ID=1681, Flags=0
        2014-02-28 15:40:43 18680 [ERROR] InnoDB: Remote location; /data/mysql/database_sample/external.ibd, LSN=0, Space ID=1681, Flags=0
        2014-02-28 15:40:43 18680 [ERROR] InnoDB: Will not open the tablespace for 'database_sample/external'
        2014-02-28 15:40:43 18680 [ERROR] InnoDB: Tablespace open failed for '"database_sample"."external"', ignored.


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          Ok u r looking for multiple datadir's .. right.?. Now that is something mysql don't appreciate, u can try with creating symlinks.