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Infinite "Log Scanned up to...(n)" loop

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  • Infinite "Log Scanned up to...(n)" loop


    I am trying to run nightly full backups using the latest innobackup ex. I have encoutnered a problem whereby after all tables have been backed up and copied to the backup file, I encounter an infinite loop of:

    >> log scanned up to (14051476102)>> log scanned up to (14051476102)>> log scanned up to (14051476102)>> log scanned up to (14051476102)>> log scanned up to (14051476102)>> log scanned up to (14051476102)>> log scanned up to (14051476102)

    I have left this running for over 24 hours but it won't finish. CPU usage is at 0% during this time. 'ls -lh' shows the backup file has not been updated since about 5 minutes after the backup started.

    This is the command line I am running:

    /usr/bin/innobackupex \--compress \--safe-slave-backup \--defaults-file=/data/cred/cred.cnf \--extra-lsndir=/vol/tmp \--stream=xbstream \$folder/$fn > $folder/$fn

    if I remove the --stream=xbstream then it works fine. Switching from xbstream to tar does not work either.

    Any idea what's going on?

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    Any ideas about this?


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      Some questions:

      Is the server a slave?

      Are you using mysqld_multi?



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        Please, share also your my.cnf.


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          Hi again tenma,

          I've been able to reproduce the problem. Please, check before launching the backup that there is no a file with the name "xtrabackup_suspended" on the tmpdir of mysql. If there is one, remove it and then launch the backup. That should solve the problem. Is a known bug:



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            I know this thread is pretty old, but I just wanted to add that if you are streaming a backup, you should double check that your connection to the remote host is working properly. For example, if your ssh authentication isn't working, you can see this "scanning log" infinitely type of problem.