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Temporal tables and slave replication

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  • Temporal tables and slave replication


    I'm using a master based in Percona 5.1 and two slaves.

    One of them use percona 5.1 too and replication has no problem, but in the other one which uses percona 5.5 has a problem during temp tables replication.

    In percona 5.1 using:

    binlog_format = ROW

    there's no problem, but in percona 5.5 I must set it to:

    binlog_format = MIXED

    In my.cnf I setted two innodb replication options for the slave:

    replicate-ignore-table = powersystem.temp%
    replicate-wild-do-table = powersystem.%

    and I triyed so with:

    replicate-wild-ignore-table = powersystem.temp%
    replicate-wild-do-table = powersystem.%

    but both ignore that options and doesn't apply, and the slave try temporal tables that doesn't exist.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If you can help me. There's an other way to sync an slave avoiding temp tables?


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    When you will use replicate-do-table with replicate-ignore-table, mysql will always first read replicate-do-table and it will execute the statement as per that. Check below link for how exactly it works on slave side. options.html

    So In your case, it looks like first its checking replicate-do-table and its getting green signal for powerststem DB and executing that statement without checking replicate-ignore-table option.

    Try below replication options for the slave and I hope it will work.

    replicate-wild-ignore-table = powersystem.temp%
    replicate-do-db = powersystem