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^w with interactive shell; how do you get it to strike out the previous word?

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  • ^w with interactive shell; how do you get it to strike out the previous word?

    When you use the binaries from mysql, you can use ^w to delete the previous word.

    ^w with percona binaries will erase the whole line.

    How do you get ^w to be the same between percona's binaries/mysql binaries?

    (Something related to not linking with libreadline or something?)

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    Which binaries are you using exactly ? What operating system ?


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      Ubuntu 10.10

      Server version: 5.1.54-rel12.5-log (Percona Server (GPL), 12.5 , Revision 188)

      Lucid packages.


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        There has been a bunch of discussion lately about Ubuntu deciding not to link to readline, using editline instead, and how that has broken a number of systems. The same thing happened in Postgres. I think you should check the percona-server bug tracker and if you don't find a bug about this, file one. We should be linking to readline and not following what Ubuntu does as far as I know. I believe their decision was a license misinterpretation. Regardless, it causes a number of serious issues, such as not being able to even enter some characters at the terminal.


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          Baron, you said what I was thinking!!!

          Just kidding.

          A while back on irc someone suggested finding out how to map via editline but I couldn't get it working!

          So maybe I gotta get rid of ubuntu