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need help regarding retrieving data on remote server!!

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  • need help regarding retrieving data on remote server!!

    i hav designed a website using JSP and mysql, there is an enquiry form in that website ,when one fills the form the details automaticaly go into databse as the logic goes..but my problem is on localhost(tomcat) when i fill the form and submit, a retrieved form is displayed which shows my entry..but when i hosted the website the data is not being retrieved ...which means it is not geting connected to the server database which i created on putty.. can anyone please help me on this.i am new to jsp ..i just cannot get the logic.i mean on local host alls well but nt on the server..can anyone help step by step on this..please.
    my website link is
    u can try and fill the form ..
    it will give you a blank retrieved form..
    its working perfectly fine on local host,i have attached my jsp file with it..
    any help will be appreciated..

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    First of all thanks for the login and password for the server. )
    You should erase them before attaching file.


    String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://";

    Are You sure that allows communication on port 3306 ? (Is firewall set to allow both incoming and outgoing data ? Is mysql set to communicate with outside world ? )


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      eek: could i forget..anyway i have uploaded the right file now..thnx..
      yes has dat connection..i just dont understand why is iy not connecting..


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        Maybe there is an exception:

        try {// database manipulationcatch( Exception e ) { e.printStackTrace(); // or System.out.print(e);}

        Check output console after running that file.