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Monitoring MySQL Queries

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  • Monitoring MySQL Queries


    are there any tools to monitor which queries have been executed on the mysql server and especially how long they took?

    thank you very much!

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    Do you have phpMyAdmin?... I'm using it when I want to check the load, SQL command is:

    Hope this helps~.


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      hello jcn50,

      thank you for your reply.
      unfortunately this doesn't help me.

      let me make it a little bit more clear:
      i have a php script with several mysql queries. until i can use show processlist, they are already done. i need a tool that logs all ever executed queries and how long they took. i'm wondering if this isn't maybe already included in mysql as some kind of detailed logging?


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        You need to turn the LOG feature ON in the mySQL config file (my.ini).

        Is your mySQL server on your computer? Or shared hosting?


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          I have a better idea for you: you can measure the time your query took, within your script... just take the time before the query, and after.... and you're done~.


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            Since you code in PHP, it could look like this:

            list($usec, $sec) = explode(' ',microtime());
            $querytime_before = ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);

            $result = YOUR QUERY/QUERIES ;

            list($usec, $sec) = explode(' ',microtime());
            $querytime_after = ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);

            Your time, in seconds, is in $querytime = $querytime_after - $querytime_before.

            This is not a PHP forum D .


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              thank you again for your reply. yes, mysql is running on my local pc, where i'm developing and need the execution times to do some optimations.
              i've googled a little bit and activated logging (mysql -l). a log looks like this:

              mysqld, Version: 5.0.45-community-nt-log (MySQL Community Edition (GPL)). started with:TCP Port: 0, Named Pipe: (null)Time Id Command Argument070902 18:35:01 1 Connect root@localhost on testdb 1 Query select * from testtab

              well, starting time is included and the query, but not how long the query took ):
              i also couldn't find something about an additional option for this?


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                Tell me if the upper code was OK for you.


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                  sorry, was writing while you posted and didn't see your code!
                  i know this can be done in php, but using mysql i wouldn't have to change anything in my php script, could also easily analyze other scripts, which aren't written by me.