Percona XtraDB Cluster Errata

Known Issues

Following are issues which may impact you while running PXC:
  • Create Table As Select (CTAS) under highly concurent DDL workload (other than CTAS) may deadlock.
  • clustercheck looks for my.cnf under /etc for defaults-extra-file and returns 503 if that file is not there. Workaround is to provide location of my.cnf (or its variants) in server_args of xinetd config. You can also symlink to /etc/my.cnf to fix this. Bug:1276076
  • For fresh installs, it is highly recommended to use the meta-packages to install packages. Refer to Installing Percona XtraDB Cluster from Binaries guide for more details.
  • ‘pc.bootstrap=1’ and ‘debug=1’ don’t work as expected.
  • Partition tables are not replicated unless debugging is turned on.
  • garbd from galera3 crashes when listen address is not specified.
  • wsrep-load-data-splitting=ON doesn’t work (default is OFF now).
  • socket.ssl = yes is required to turn on SSL.

Also make sure to check limitations page here. You can also review this milestone for features/bugfixes to be included in future releases (i.e. releases after the upcoming/recent release).


Following are incompatibilities between PXC 5.5.33 (and higher) and older versions:
  • wsrep_sst_donor now supports comma separated list of nodes as a consequence of bug #1129512. This only affects if you use this option as a list. This is not compatible with nodes running older PXC, hence entire cluster will be affected as far as SST is concerned, since donor nodes won’t recognise the request from joiner nodes if former are not upgraded. Minimal workaround is to upgrade Galera package or to not use this new feature (wsrep_sst_donor with single node can still be used). However, upgrading the full PXC is strongly recommended, however, just upgrading PXC galera package will do for this.
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