TokuDB Introduction

Percona Server provides the separate TokuDB storage engine package since 5.6.17-66.0. This package can be installed along side with Percona Server 5.6 releases. Before the separate package implementation Percona Server has added support for TokuDB storage engine in the 5.6.16-64.0-tokudb release and TokuDB engine was only available in special Percona Server with TokuDB storage engine releases.

TokuDB is a scalable, ACID and MVCC compliant storage engine that provides indexing-based query improvements, offers online schema modifications, and reduces slave lag for both hard disk drives and flash memory. This storage engine is specifically designed for high performance on write-intensive workloads which is achieved with Fractal Tree indexing.

Available TokuDB features:

These features were available only in older alpha, 5.6.16-64.0-tokudb and 5.6.16-64.2-tokudb, Percona Server with TokuDB releases:

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