Prevent Caching to FlashCache

FlashCache increases performance by caching data on SSDs. It works even better when only hot data is cached. This feature prevents the caching of the unwanted blocks of data.

Better utilization of FlashCache partitions is achieved when caching of rarely used data is avoided. Use of this feature prevents blocks of data from being cached to FlashCache during a query.

Usage of the feature is as follows:

SELECT /* sql_no_fcache */ ...

The mysqldump binary was changed to use this option.

Version-Specific Information

System Variables

variable have_flashcache
Version Info:
Command Line:


Config File:






Variable Type:




This variable shows if the server was compiled with Flashcache support.

Status Variables

variable Flashcache_enabled
Variable Type:Boolean

This status variable shows if the Flashcache support has been enabled.

Other Information

The feature is a port of the original Facebook change.

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