Percona MongoDB Monitoring Template for Cacti

These templates use ss_get_by_ssh.php to connect to a server via SSH and extract statistics from the MongoDB server running there, by executing the serverStatus admin command from the MongoDB shell. This means that the mongo CLI needs to be in $PATH and you must be running version 1.2 or newer of MongoDB.


Once the SSH connection is working, confirm that you can login to MongoDB from with the “mongo” cli tool. From this tool, confirm that the serverStatus command is present by running:

db._adminCommand({serverStatus : 1});

This should produce quite a bit of output. With all of this confirmed, test one of your hosts with the command below. You may need to change some of the example values below, such as the cacti username and the hostname you’re connecting to:

sudo -u cacti php /usr/share/cacti/scripts/ss_get_by_ssh.php --type mongodb --host --items mk,ml

Sample Graphs

The following sample graphs demonstrate how the data is presented.


Background flushes






Index Operations



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