November 25, 2014

About Paul Namuag

Paul Namuag is a Support Engineer at Percona. Prior from joining Percona, he works as Software Developer/Software Engineer and has extensive knowledge in various programming languages. He likes to play with his guitar, jogging, play basketball, go to church, read books, and play with his dog Nadine.

Percona XtraBackup – A workaround to the failed assertion bug

I recently conducted a test backup of my “master-slave” setup in my VirtualBox as I was migrating from Percona Server 5.6.12 to version 5.6.13-rel61.0 with Percona XtraBackup v2.2.0 rev. 4885. However, doing the backup on my slave, I encountered this problem:

This is related to a bug posted by my colleague George While I was […]