November 26, 2014

About Devananda van der Veen

Deva is a former Percona employee.
Deva joined Percona in July 2009 as a Principal Consultant, with a focus on scalability and performance tuning. Deva has a background in physics and computer science from UC Santa Barbara. Prior to joining Percona, he was the DBA at HydraNetwork.

How to use tcpdump on very busy hosts

Often I run into problems when trying to use mk-query-digest with tcpdump on “very” busy hosts. You might be thinking, “very busy is a relative and unquantifiable term,” and you’d be right, so I’ll phrase this differently. Let me give a little background to the problem first. Mk-query-digest tries to handle dropped or missing packets […]

Effect of adaptive_flushing

I recently had the chance to witness the effects of innodb_adaptive_flushing on the performance of InnoDB Plugin 1.0.5 in the wild, which Yasufumi wrote about previously here and here. The server in question was Solaris 10 with 8 disk RAID10 and 2 32GB SSDs used for ZIL and L2ARC, 72G RAM and 40G buffer pool. […]