November 22, 2014

innotop 1.9.1 released

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.45.58Lefred and I spent a bit of time making innotop 1.9.1.
We’ve released a new version mainly to include MySQL 5.6 support as well as including some bugs fixed by Baron Schwartz and Frédéric Descamps.

You can download the .tar.gz and rpm’s (new!) at

Bugs fixed:

  • Issue 71: DBI prints to STDERR instead of just throwing an inactive statement error
  • Issue 73: innotop fails to start if perl is not installed under /usr/bin/
  • Issue 74: Use of uninitialized value $obj in regexp compilation at ./innotop-1.9.0/innotop line 6935.
  • Issue 82&83: Some pages broken with MySQL 5.6
  • Issue 70: .spec doesn’t build rpm if someperl modules are missing
  • Issue 84: feature request: Deadlock clearing transactions set sql_log_bin=0
About Kenny Gryp

Kenny is a Principal Architect at Percona. Bitten somewhere in the late 90s by the open-source bug, most of his spare time was spent working with Linux & OpenBSD servers.
Before joining Percona, he worked at a large social networking company in Europe as DBA & Puppeteer.


  1. sand says:

    achtung ! slow queries on screenshot !!!!!!! indexes, indexes, more indexes

  2. I’m so glad that innotop is still being maintained. I get a lot of use out of it even if it’s a bit old and clunky. Thanks Kenny, Lefred, and Percona!


  3. marc castrovinci says:

    Innotop is great and I install it on all my systems! Just installed 1.9.1 on a new server and it didn’t even prompt for dbi info. Is it using the .my.cnf now?

  4. Vojtech Kurka says:

    Marc: Yes, it does.

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