November 26, 2014

News Flash: SQL Injection Still a Problem

The threat of SQL injection has appeared prominently in the news recently:

SQL injection was documented as a security threat in 1998, but new incidents still occur every month.  Making honest mistakes, developers fail to defend against this means of attack, and the security of online data is at risk for all of us because of it.

Most computer professionals have heard of SQL injection, but advice about how to prevent this issue is generally incomplete and oversimplified.

On July 25 2012, I will present SQL Injection Myths and Fallacies as a Percona webinar, to help shed light on the nature of the problem, and effective defenses against it.  Whether you’re a software developer who uses databases, or a DBA who is responsible for secure operations, I hope you register for this webinar and join me as an evangelist for secure web programming.

Your online information is at risk too!

About Bill Karwin

Bill Karwin has been a software professional for over 20 years. He's helped thousands of developers with SQL technology. Bill authored the book "SQL Antipatterns," collecting frequent blunders and showing better solutions.


  1. Rommel says:

    awesome to think that this still happening :S

  2. Nils says:

    Will you post a recording somewhere?

  3. Nils, yes — every person who registers for the webinar will receive an email within 24 hours after the broadcast, with a link to an online recording. I’m told you can even get this link if you register after the time of the broadcast!

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