November 26, 2014

Congratulations to Percona Live Ticket Winners!

It’s taken a little while to sort out the contest logistics, but we’re ready now, so I want to congratulate our three first-prize winners to the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo:

  • David Juntgen
  • Jeff Hansen
  • Domenick Petrella

For helping us to promote the conference, they’re receiving full conference passes, including tutorials. I hope you enjoy the conference, guys, and look forward to seeing you there!

Our ten second-prize winners receive a copy of High Performance MySQL Third Edition, and I’m still in progress with that.

By the way, if you’re not registered for the conference yet, a lot of things are getting sold out, so you might want to just go ahead and do that. Yeahhhh. Some tutorials are full. The hotel is long since sold out, although there’s apparently still space at the Hilton across the road, and maybe at the Joie De Vivre Avatar down the street. As a further incentive for signing up soon, we’re giving away more books and Kindle Fires to those who register today.

About Baron Schwartz

Baron is the lead author of High Performance MySQL.
He is a former Percona employee.


  1. Jeff Hansen says:

    Awesome! Thanks a ton to Percona – Looking forward to the conference!!

  2. Domenick Petrella says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, it will be very valuable! I’m exited to be attending.

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