November 28, 2014

Upcoming webinar on Hibernate and Connector/J

On July 12th at 9 AM PST I will be giving a webinar about performance implications for Hibernate and Connector/J. If you cannot attend at this time, a recorded session will be available soon after the webinar.

MySQL is not only about LAMP, and a lot of people use it from Java apps. For some of those, Hibernate is the persistent framework of choice. This webinar will discuss the performance implications of using Hiberate to manage persistence with a MySQL backend, and also some more broad implications for Connector/J  that will apply for anyone using MySQL from Java.

Topics will include:
* Very brief overview of ORMs and Hibernate
* Fetch strategies
* Lazyness
* Manually written SQL
* Concurrency
* Concurrency-related config options for Connector/J

You may register here.

About Fernando Ipar

Fernando is part of Percona's team working as Senior Consultant. Prior to joining Percona, Fernando worked as a consultant for financial services institutions, telcos, and technology providers.


  1. Fernando Ipar says:

    Romain: The 12th is the correct date, it was a typo on my side. Thanks for noting it, I’ve corrected the blog post.

  2. Romain says:


    When registering, the date in the webex invite is July 12th. In this blog post, it’s on the 10th.
    Which one is it then ?

  3. Sebastien says:

    Any word on when the recorded session will be posted? Thanks.

  4. Mauricio Stekl says:

    Hi Sebastien,
    Sadly, due to technical problems, we are unable to post this recorded session.
    However, you can still download the slides from the following page:

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