November 23, 2014

Percona talks at OpenSQL Camp this weekend

Four Perconians (perconites?) will be at OpenSQL Camp in Sankt Augustin, Germany this weekend presenting talks on:

  • Recovery of Lost or Corrupted InnoDB Tables
  • Keep your MySQL backend online no matter what
  • XtraDB — InnoDB on steroids
  • Xtrabackup for MySQL

If you would like to stop by and say hello, we are Aleksandr, Istvan, Morgan and Aurimas (pictures here).

If you can make the (approximate) location, but not the date, we also have training in Frankfurt in three weeks time.

About Morgan Tocker

Morgan is a former Percona employee.
He was the Director of Training at Percona. He was formerly a Technical Instructor for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He has also previously worked in the MySQL Support Team, and provided DRBD support.


  1. Pascal Hofmann says:

    Hey Aleksandr, Istvan, Morgan and Aurimas,

    Thanks for the great talks at OpenSQL Camp/FrOSCon – I’m looking forward to meeting you there next year again!


  2. arun says:

    When are you coming to Chicago?

  3. We should be in Chicago around mid-January 2011. We will post more locations shortly.

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