November 26, 2014

Percona Welcomes Justin Swanhart

Percona is pleased to officially welcome Justin Swanhart to our team of consultants.

Before joining Percona, Justin worked as a MySQL DBA at Gazillion, Yahoo, and Kickfire. Justin has become a regular contributor here on the MySQL Performance Blog as well as being an active blogger at He is very active in the community, maintaining FlexViews, a stored procedure managed solution for materialized view creation and maintenance in MySQL 5.1 as well as instrumentation-for-php, a suite of PHP classes for easing the implementation of instrumentation in applications.

Justin, a big welcome – we are fortunate indeed you’re working with us!


  1. Mark says:

    Nice Justin! Percona gave an impressive set of presentations at O’Reilly MySQL this year. It is awesome that that you will be adding your knowledge to the distinguished group of Perconians! Hey, that sounds alot like a race that you might hear about on Star Trek – Perconians… it has a nice ring to it :-)

  2. Justin Swanhart says:

    Thanks Mark.

    Tune long and prosper.

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