October 20, 2014

2010 Percona Training Schedule

After a nice long vacation, it’s time to unveil our destinations for public classes in 2010.  We are now offering a course for Developers as well as DBAs.  The dates are:

Do you run a meetup group in one of the cities listed? Get in touch! I would be happy to come along and give a presentation, or just answer your MySQL questions over a dinner or beer.  You can reach me via @percona or email.

About Morgan Tocker

Morgan is a former Percona employee.
He was the Director of Training at Percona. He was formerly a Technical Instructor for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He has also previously worked in the MySQL Support Team, and provided DRBD support.


  1. Scott says:

    Link for the Chicago event is wrong. Says event has already ended (2009)

  2. Thanks! Fixed it.

  3. You guys should do something in London or Paris or somewhere in western Europe. I don’t think you’d have any problems getting bookings.

  4. MLBR says:

    re: Montréal 8-9 March being integrated with the Confoo.ca

    Are the developer & dba sessions expected to be the same as the normal/standalone classes?

  5. David – I agree. I believe I’ve found a venue for London, and it will be first up next time.

    MLBR – Yes. I always apply small tweaks to the format when I speak at conferences. Confoo.ca has taken a great step to limit the audience to 15, but I’ll still be (slightly) reducing the amount of hands on activities.

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