November 29, 2014

There will be no separate Percona Performance Conference in April 2010

Now that O’Reilly has announced they’re going to have a MySQL conference independently of Sun/MySQL, we have decided not to proceed with plans for our own Performance Conference. We are participating in the O’Reilly conference, and we will do everything possible to make that a great success for everyone. See you there!

About Baron Schwartz

Baron is the lead author of High Performance MySQL.
He is a former Percona employee.


  1. Looks like Percona is a Gold Sponsor — in 2009 that cost $15k….definitely a better use of the money to support an existing conference than to make a competing one! I’m glad Percona is helping out the conference.

  2. Platonides says:

    Guys, I had to disable javascript in order to read the blog. Everything after ‘Vote on Planet MySQL’ is showing me the html code.

  3. Excellent choice.

  4. Mark Callaghan says:

    Great news for all of us. I look forward to this.

  5. Hi Platonides,

    What browser do you use?

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