November 26, 2014

Speaking at the LA MySQL Meetup – 18th November

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I said in my last post, that we’re interested in speaking at MySQL meetups, and I’m happy to say that the Los Angeles MySQL Meetup has taken us up on the offer.

On November 18th, I’ll be giving an introductory talk on InnoDB/XtraDB Performance Optimization.  I will be the second speaker, with Carl Gelbart first speaking on Infobright.

What brings me to LA?  On the same day (18th Nov) I’ll be teaching a one day class on Performance Optimization for MySQL with InnoDB and XtraDB.  If you haven’t signed up yet – spaces are still available.

About Morgan Tocker

Morgan is a former Percona employee.
He was the Director of Training at Percona. He was formerly a Technical Instructor for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He has also previously worked in the MySQL Support Team, and provided DRBD support.

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