Percona team at Turkey


Being completely distributed team, meetings are very important for us and this time we went to the Turkey in the end of October (yes, yes I could be faster with sharing photos)

Percona, Turkey 2008

This went we went to Turkey, Antalya region, which is a destination which is very easy to reach from Europe as well as offering great all inclusive deals in the end of the season.

Same as last year we had all spouses/girlfriends and spouses and kids invited to join. I think this was a great tradition of early days MySQL, which Monty and David came up with. Among other things they would finally believe there is a real job real company and real team mates you work with :)

This year we also missed few guys from the team meeting which had to stay home due to various reason but this is surely majority of the team.

It is fun to compare this picture to one from Egypt taken a year ago:

Percona, Egypt 2007

We got significantly more people and more Spouses and kids could come this time.

Here are some more pictures posted by Tom Basil.



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