November 24, 2014

Mirrored Binlogs patch

Google patches V1 contain interesting patch to mirror binary log on slave. Although Google is preparing GlobalTransactionId patch, which going to be replacement for MirroredBinlogs, we still think mirroring binary logs is very useful for:

  • Backup of binary logs in real time
  • High availability, to switch master load to slave with mirrored binary logs

By request of our friends EngineYard we extracted this patch from Google’s patchset and going to include in our next releases. Actually our patch contains features for both MirroredBinlogs and FastMasterPromotion patches, as second provides feature to make slave as master in case of main master failure.

At this moment you can download patch by itself there
with docs on our wiki

Also the patch will be included in OurDelta binaries beside our releases for CentOS / RedHat platform, so you can download and test this feature for your OS.

About Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim leads Percona's development group, which produces Percona Clould Tools, the Percona Server, Percona XraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup. He is an expert in solid-state storage, and has helped many hardware and software providers succeed in the MySQL market.


  1. Yes it’s good stuff.
    For OurDelta, thes patches (we’ll split them into separate ones for maintenance/porting reasons – we’ll want them in 5.1 etc as well) will be in the upcoming d7 build.

  2. Wei Li says:

    Thanks, my work is continued :)

  3. Vadim says:


    Thank you for patch!
    Are you aware of any problems / bugs with patch ? Just to know if we need to look at something in details.

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